In 2012, Brynn Haney Isom identified a glaring need for a membership-based collaboration platform for the print, media, fashion, advertising and film industries to automate and streamline the production workflow.

Lenspire offers members of the industry an innovative and efficient tool to manage photoshoots. It eliminates downtimes and rescheduling that plagues the process and thereby improves efficiency and reduces cost.

Lenspire gives artists the freedom to focus on their creativity and keeps the busy work efficient and more controlled. 



The DREAM Team

Don't let the inefficiency bite. We're here to make your workflow nightmares disappear.

Brynn Haney Isom   Big Wig

Brynn Isom - Big Wig

Brynn Isom has been in the advertising, film and media industries for 20 years. She has produced for more than 100 of the world’s best brands. She managed the Neiman Marcus production process as their art buyer and executive producer for more than 10 years, managing their advertising budget of more than $15 million per year. Along the way, she built trustworthy relationships with the best artists and agents within the industry. Brynn is the owner of two production companies (Brynn Creative and BNYC Productions) and a talent casting agency (Get Real Agency). Through her experience and knowledge, she has identified the inefficient work flow within the industry and has been focused on developing Lenspire for the past six years.


Allison Hunter - Industry Networker/Product Development

Name a role in the creative industry, and at one time or another, Allison Hunter has most likely filled it (or at least knows someone who can). 
As high-powered businesswomen strode confidently into the 1980s wearing Armani, Chanel, and YSL suits, her fascination with art and commerce first began. Venturing from her native Staten Island as a high school exchange student, Allison traveled to Milan, where the Mondadori Publishing offices opened her eyes to the business of fashion. After studying in Atlanta and London and receiving her B.A. in Fashion Merchandising, work brought her back home to the showrooms of the Garment District, allowing her to build new relationships with buyers, designers, and fashion editors.
Connections soon presented Allison with the opportunity to work alongside legendary Vogue Accessories Editor Tina Bossidy with some of the most influential photographers, artists, and creative minds to date. She then led the U.S. office of The Katy Barker Agency, which launched the careers of Carter Smith, Terry Richardson, Nathaniel Goldberg, Christopher Griffith, Tom Munro, Emmanuelle Alt, Jane How, and Allan Kennedy to name a few.  Always working as the right hand to right-brained business owners and artists for years, she has continued to expand her industry repertoire as Account Executive at Pier 59 Studios, U.S. Beauty Agent at Art Partner, and Managing Director of JN Productions.  

As a student of fashion during one of the most creative times in the industry, an intern at Elite London during the rise of supermodels, and an agent to iconic artists, Allison understands timing. That’s why she knows that the technology of LENSPiRE has arrived at the perfect moment to transform the creative industry for the better


David B. Deniger - The Wizard

David B. Deniger was the founding general partner of Hyphen Solutions, LLC and currently serves as Chairman of the Board. The Hyphen Network links homebuilders, suppliers, manufacturer, installers and sub-contractors on  a SaaS application which manages the scheduling, procurement and collaboration of over 30% of all new home starts in the US each year.  Procurements on the Hyphen Network exceeding $22 billion in 2016.  Previously, Mr. Deniger served as a  Partner in the buyout firm, Hicks, Muse, Tate & Furst and was the Managing General Partner of the Olympus Real Estate Funds. He and his partners have invested in excess of $25 billion in private equity. 
He is a former minority owner of the American Airlines Arena in Dallas, the Dallas Stars (National Hockey League franchise and 1999 Stanley Cup Champion) and the Texas Rangers (Major League Baseball franchise). 
He was previously  a member of the Board of Director of the Naval Postgraduate School Foundation in Monterey, California, and has served an adjunct professor at the Monterey Institute of International Studies.  Currently is a Board Member of the Institute of Human Origins at ASU University and the Baylor Health Care Foundation in Dallas.  
His documentary film company, Highest Common Denominator Media Group has produced films for National Geographic Network, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation through the Sundance Foundation, the Discovery Channel and his personal photographic work has featured landscapes, wildlife and documentary stills including work in China, Peru, Bolivia, India, Turkey and the U.S. 
Mr. Deniger received his Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of Texas at Austin in 1968. 


Jim Kay - Law & Finance Guru

In 1971, Jim graduated UT-Austin with a degree in accounting and began his career as a CPA.  For the first twenty years he both practiced as a CPA and served in a variety of corporate financial positions in both public and private companies.  In 1988 he decided to follow a long-time dream of becoming a lawyer.  In 1991, he graduated Georgetown Law magna cum laude and began practicing law in Southern California.  After eight years of full-time practice, he decided to parlay his dual professions into a consulting practice which he still pursues today.  In his forty-five-year career, Jim has advised dozens of clients including most recently emerging and startup online companies.  He participated along with CTO Alan Berezin in growing DrillingInfo prior to selling the company in 2012 with a $200+ million valuation.  He has worked closely with with Brynn in building Lenspire since May 2015. 


Janice Gaunt - Our Mind Mender

Janice Sterling Gaunt is a Licensed Professional Counselor and the author of The Shame Game.  Janice graduated with a bachelor’s degree from Texas Tech University and a master of arts degree from Amberton University. She has trained extensively with Terrence Real, founder of the Relational Life Institute, and Pia Mellody, senior clinical advisor for The Meadows. Janice is a practicing counselor specializing in helping both individuals and couples experience abundant living as they overcome the effects of their own childhood trauma. Janice is available for private sessions, public speaking, and workshops. She lives with her husband in Dallas.