What is Lenspire?

Lenspire is a subscription-based collaboration platform for the print, media, fashion, advertising and film industries. This online tool will revolutionize the production process from call sheet creation to credits.

Why was Lenspire created?

Lenspire was created by the industry, for the industry. In 2012, Brynn Haney Isom, a print and media producer, identified a glaring need for a membership-based collaboration platform for the industries in order to automate and streamline the production workflow. Currently, there is no single organized, efficient, and all-inclusive method for the production workflow that unites all members under the same work-based community.

What’s the point?

Lenspire is the only industry platform/resource/app you need for production. Our goal is to visualize an entire production work cycle process from concept, call sheets, to credits. Lenspire is a revolutionary tool committed to improving efficiency and communication and reducing costs. Everyone who uses this app will find life on set less stressful because they will have more time to focus on the creative and less time wasted on planning the logistics. The future of efficient production workflow will be decided by the talent and crew (receiver) and by the producer (user). This requires a new innovation ecosystem that allows the receiver to confirm or make adjustments in real time.

Who uses Lenspire and why?

Everyone listed on a production call sheet uses Lenspire.

  • Agents
  • Producers/Production Companies
  • Clients (Brands, Magazines, Advertising Agencies)
  • Artists
  • Vendors (Caterers, Location Vehicles, Studios, Post Production Houses, etc)

Users benefit from using this revolutionary tool because it will immediately improve efficiency and reduce costs. Lenspire is a one stop shop syncing and combining all current software programs/apps (Excel, Behance, Dropbox, Slack, Adobe, Pinterest, etc).

The Receivers benefit from using this tool because communication will be streamlined and that will reduce stress, time wasted, and create a culture/environment that makes everyone on set feel more “in the know” instead of in-the-dark and waiting at times.


I was asked to join Lenspire by a producer/client/co-worker/colleague – what do I do?

Simply click on the link in the email and you will be redirected to our registration page. You can register as either an Organization or Individual. For Organizations we recommend putting the contact name of an Office Manager/ Administrator, someone who is not going to be added to a call sheet along with a generic company email address (ie. info@lenspire.com). For Individuals we recommend that you chose your primary Role/Title in the industry. You can add more titles when filling out your profile, but the role chosen will be how others will find you in the directory.

How am I able to ask others to register?

You can invite others to register from your Profile page, from the CREW section of the Production Book or have them log onto our website www.lenspire.com and soon they’ll be a part of the Lenspire Tribe.

I’m an Organization with employees, how do I get them to register?

Organizations (Companies, Vendors, etc) are able to invite employees to register by typing employee email addresses in the EMPLOYEE INFORMATION section when setting up your profile.

I’m an Agent with multiple artists, how do I ask them to register?

Easy Peasy. Agents can invite artists to register by typing artist email addresses into the ARTIST INFORMATION section of the profile. The artist will receive an email saying you want them to list you as their agent. Once they set up their personal profile you will be listed as their agent or one of their agents viewable in the HOME section of the platform.

I’m an Artist with agents in various countries and cities, how do I ask them to register?

No need to fret. When setting up your profile, invite your agents to register by filling in their email addresses in the AGENT INFORMATION section of your profile. Your Agent(s) will receive an email or notification that you want to list them as your agent. Once they accept, when clients or producers want to add you to a production book or search for you, they can choose the agent in the specific market they are working in.

I’m an Artist without an agent but I have a studio manager and team and I would like them to register?

Register your organization and add “yourself” as an artist. Keep in mind, you will need to register your organization using a different organization email. Then simply add your “team” as employees so they can properly register themselves.

I’m a Producer. How do I know which artists do or don’t have an agent?

If an artist is registered they should have added their agent. If you are inviting an artist to a call sheet or simply to register, the system will ask them this question for you.


What is the BASIC plan ?

The BASIC PLAN allows you to create your user profile, view Production Books, Confirm/receive shoot details in real time, Communicate with Production Book Creator via email.

What is the PRO plan and how does the 30 day Free Trial work?

Our PRO Plan allows you to experience all that Lenspire has to offer from creating production books, to optioning/confirming and releasing crew members with one click, sharing travel arrangements, schedules and much more. When you sign up for the PRO PLAN you also get a 30 day free trial where you can experience Lenspire first hand. We want you to have a trial period where you can have full unlimited access to try out all of Lenspire’s features.

Do I need a credit card to sign up for the 30 day Free Trial?

Yes. We take your credit card information but it is not charged until your 30 day trial period expires. If Lenspire isn’t right for you, simply cancel at any time but you can still participate and be found to work on future production books.

What happens when the 30 day Free Trial ends ? Will my credit card be charged automatically?

Yes, after the 30 days the card will be charged, you can cancel the plan before the 30 days with no charge.


How do I change or reset my Password?

Log On and go to MY ACCOUNT. There you will see where you can UPDATE PASSWORD.

What system level security measures does Lenspire Provide especially since we will be uploading so many images from shoots and campaigns?

All our systems are deployed on AWS (Amazon servers) which means your info is completed protected with one of the biggest technologies that focus on tech security.

What do I contact in case of an emergency? (ie. the system has gone down)?

If you are a Lenspire user, the best way to communicate with us is via the HELP system built inside the software. Look for the Yellow HELP button on the bottom right corner of your screen. You can also email us at support@lenspire.com and someone will be in touch with you a quickly as possible.

How do I protect the security of my Lenspire Account?

We have SSL certificates and backend authentication, if you don't share your password your info is completely protected