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Pro Plan
$40 /month
Create Your Profile
View Production Books
Confirm/receive shoot details in real time
Communicate with Production Book Creator via email
Create, communicate & store all the info you need for the job
Add Collaborators to view or edit entire production book
Search & Assemble Crew
Option, confirm and release multiple crew members at once
Schedule Callt imes & Locations
Manage Crew Travel Arrangements
onfirm/receive shoot details in real time
Communicate with Production Book Creator via messaging
Communicate directly with crew via Messaging
Upload Deal Memos & Invoices directly to Production Books
Store all project-related documents (deal memos, creative briefs, permits, invoices, location pics, inspiration, polaroids, w9’s, menus, etc)
Collect and Manage which crew members bill the Client directly, Production Book Creator or outside vendor and store all invoices/ W9’s
Collect and Manage which crew members bill the artist or agent before going to the production book creator and store all invoices/ w9’s
Add Collaborator to manage your billing
Receive automated Usage Update Alarm: Get notified before Usage start date
Store all production books, billing details, deal memos, invoices, W9‘s, etc
iphone Mobile App
1 GB free storage



Frequently asked questions


What is the Basic Plan ?

The Basic Plan is our basic plan which allows you to create your user profile, view Production Books, Confirm/receive shoot details in real time, Communicate with Production Book Creator via email.



Do I need a credit card to sign up for the 30 day Free Trial?


Yes. We take your credit card information but it is not charged until your 30 day trial period expires. If Lenspire isn’t right for you, simply cancel at any time but you can still participate and be found to work on future production books.

What is the PRO plan and how does the 30 day Free Trial work?

Our PRO Plan allows you to experience all that Lenspire has to offer from creating production books, to optioning/confirming and releasing crew members with one click, sharing travel arrangements, schedules and much more.  When you sign up for the PRO PLAN you also get a 30 day free trial where you can experience Lenspire first hand. We want you to have a trial period where you can have full unlimited access to try out all of Lenspire’s features.


What happens when the 30 day Free Trial ends ? Will my credit card be charged automatically?


Yes, after the 30 days the card will be charged, you can cancel the plan before the 30 days with no charge.